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Frequently Asked Questions
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How does this work?

We offer a two part solution for a variety of difficulties and issues delivery companies will face in the cannabis market.
A online storefront for customers to place orders and a strong order management backend customized for the needs of the cannabis industry.

¹ We begin by setting up your customized online storefront and website. We integrate your Weedmaps profile directly into your storefront to bring your menu online.
² From there, we gather some information about your workflow and do a quick training session plus introduction to the platform.
³ We will fully customize it to your needs during the onboarding process as well as do a few test orders to give you an idea of how it works.

Why do I need a delivery platform?

To stay relevant in an ever changing marketplace based on technology and ease of use.
We allow you to jumpstart right to the forefront with a highly modernized system that your customers and employees will love.

Where is my data stored? Is it secure?

We offer a fully packaged solution which you own complete control of, you alone will have the credentials to access your database and customer information. This way there is no outside factors which can cause a disturbance in your service.

What device do I need for this? Do I have to buy an iPad?

Our platform is device agnostic, this allows for your drivers to use their own cellphones and tablets, regardless of platform.
We do advise for a laptop or tablet be used if you have a dedicated dispatcher. This is simply to see a larger viewport of the map.

Is this for storefronts or delivery companies?

The QuickCannabis platform will work for both delivery only and dispensary/delivery companies.
The website is great for both applications as a 24/7 salesman with perfect information regarding all your products.

How will I be able to update my website?

We have a Weedmaps integration which allows you to simply update your Weedmaps menu and instantly have your online storefront display the exact same menu.
We are working on being able to customize any part of your website soon, in the mean time you can contact us for minor changes.